Gallo Lab

Research on brain cancer epigenomics

University of Calgary
Calgary, AB


Two preprints from our lab are on bioRχiv

Our research interests

Our Lab studies the epigenomes of pediatric and adult brain tumors. Our interest in the epigenome stems from our discovery that chromatin architecture specifies cell behaviour, including the key cancer property known as self-renewal. Self-renewing cells are thought to be the root cause of tumor recurrence, because they can contribute to propagation of the malignant cell population indefinitely.

In our Lab, we use patient-derived primary cultures and xenografts as model systems. These platforms can be used effectively to gain significant new knowledge on tumor biology, and as pre-clinical tools for personalized medicine.


Our academic affiliations

Departments of Physiology & Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Alberta Children’s Hospital Research InstituteCharbonneau Cancer Institute

Cumming School of Medicine

University of Calgary