Meet the Team

Get to know Dr. Marco Gallo and his interdisciplinary team aiming to develop new treatments for brain cancers.

Marco Gallo

PhD in Medical Genetics

Marco’s main interest is to understand how the epigenome defines self-renewal hierarchies in brain tumours. His ultimate goal is to identify new and effective ways to target cancer stem cells in brain malignancies. 

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Associate Professor

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

Postdoctoral fellow
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON.

Ph.D. in Medical Genetics

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.
BSc (1st Class Honors)
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ph.D. Students

Research Staff

Undergraduate Students


The Gallo Lab Alumni

(undergraduate student, Summer 2018 – Spring 2020)

Funded by NSERC undergraduate student research awards.

(MSc student, September 2016 – August 2018)

Funded by a CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship.